Born in the Ear is the third full length album in the FIELD WORKS series. The music is constructed using Stuart Hyatt’s audio field recordings to create a complex place-based narrative. In producing the FIELD WORKS albums, Hyatt enlists musicians from around to world as collaborators. Born in the Ear features new collaborations with
Juana Molina, Paul de Jong, Eluvium, The Album Leaf, Loscil, Beatrix*JAR, Greg Davis, and Forrest Lewinger.

For this album, Hyatt also worked with a number of Lancaster-based collaborators:

- The liner notes follow an experimental essay by author Erik Anderson.
- Illustrator Courtland Ellis created scenes for each track, as well as cover art.
- Arielle Gascot, Sanford Grey, and Kevin Ressler narrated the album.
- AJ Walker conducted the Lancaster Community Chorus.
- The Ephrata Cloister Choir also performed live in recording the album.
- Most importantly, over fifty citizens of Lancaster County lent their voices to the
    sound map, many of which appear on this album.